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Pattaya guide for a good time at the Eastern Seaboard - Your great stay in the Far east - Tips and information for a great holiday in Pattaya - Welcome to this great fun city.

Holiday in Pattaya

Welcome to the famous Pattaya Lady boys in this great town.

The famous lady boys in Pattaya city.

Lady boys in Pattaya, Thailand. About the beautiful lady boys in this excentric city.

Pattaya have a large concentration of Lady boys in the city. A lady boy is a man and is still undergoing to change to a female, but the male body parts from this man are still there. Some made the change to the female orientation completely. Complete with all the female body parts. ALSO NO ADAM'S APPLE. But ant way, They also are referred as Ladies of the 2nd category by the Farang (foreigner).

In Pattaya and in whole Thailand these people are completely accepted in this culture. The lady boy not hide or not shame who they are. It's normal that they here and be respected well in the Thai society.

The ladies of the 2nd category in fun city.

The Pattaya beautiful lady boy's in this amazing place.

You heard about this kind of people in Pattaya and you think you can see them easy without a problem, but here in Thailand is the technology very good for a fully transformation. The lady boys in this great holiday city are active in many bar areas and Soi's. Maybe at the first time you not realized it is 2nd category girl but when you think, you can ask it normally to them. This people are open to all and if you be fair to them, they will tell you for sure. Not forget : Handle them with respect, all the time.

Find Your Thai Girlfriend

About the nice lady boys who are hanging around everywhere.

Pattaya lady boys in this great city full with them.

In Pattaya and in whole Thailand these people are completely accepted in this great culture. The lady boy not hide or not shame who they are.

Lady boy's are open and they will tell you all about them, give respect and you get it back.

The LB's in Pattaya you can recognized them by their tallness. The most are a little big for Thai people. Because the most take hormones, the man starting to have more emotions, there are two people in the head. The lady boys can be very emotional and have a bad mood. Start never an argument or a fight with them. All the Katoey friends friends are coming together and what happened, they will beat you. Remember this about the Katoeys, they still a men and will fight as a man.

Model Nong Thoom, One of the famous lady boys from Thailand.

The people choosing to go with Katoeys or the Pattaya lady boys, be careful, if they are freelancers on the street and they not work in a bar. You can be drugged or robbed at them place or hotel. You choose this kind of people, do it with caution and be careful. The Most famous Lady boy from Thailand is the model, actress and Thai boxer Nong Thoom. Also know from the movie "Beautiful Boxer".

There are many lady boys in Pattaya now and specially at night time. After mid night they are many LB's who offer you sexual services. Be aware, every day there are cases with fighting and pick pocketing lady boys. Special after midnight look out on some places at the beach road in Pattaya, Thailand.

The Beautiful Boxer Nong Thoom in Thailand   Pattaya lady boys, Thailand.

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